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Hoodless Klan - Inspiration


Hoodless Klan

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Beauty for Ashes



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Finding Humor In Grief

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Based on true events, this book is a charter school principal's struggle against a powerful group of affluent racists, determined to negatively impact the lives of minority children, parents and teachers. When the principal thwarted their bully tactics, they enlisted help from her superiors to end her career.

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HOODLESS KLAN is the story of a charter school principal, who is a seasoned administrator, an advocate for students, and a woman of faith. In the midst of an affluent community exists a group of manipulative, racist individuals who expect Pine Woods Charter School Principal, Dr. Grace Middleton to take unscrupulous actions against minority staff, parents and students. When she refuses, they join forces with a key central office staff member to force her out of her job and out of town. It�s the classic story of righteousness versus evil, with the education of children hanging in the balance.

This book appeals to educators who face the challenges of teaching a rigorous curriculum to children with differing abilities and needs. They must deal with parents, supervisors, and the larger community; but they never expect to witness preferential treatment being given to select colleagues or families, due to the unfair influence of powerful people. The author calls these shameless people �hoodless� because of their blatant displays of discrimination without worry of hiding their faces.


This book appeals to new and aspiring administrators wanting to know what it�s really like to be a principal. In no graduate course can they teach how to make split-second decisions, sometimes in the face of corruption within and outside of the school system. To the author and the protagonist in the story, core values and integrity must never be compromised, even at the cost of losing a position.


This book appeals to parents who always need to look out for their children�s education, no matter how good the school system purports to be. Sometimes, we think that once we�ve moved into a good neighborhood, or put our kids into charter schools, we can trust that our children will be taken care of. Not true!

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