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Hoodless Klan

Lillian Nails - Retired teacher

Welllllllll, I HAVE FINISHED YOUR INSPIRING BOOK and all I can say is " Thanks to God - you obeyed the Holy Spirit and walked away from such an 80% evil - spirited people and situation, and didn't try to fight "being right". The fight was not yours, you know. Even though you did many wonderful things for sooooo many people, many did not appreciate it. Just know that you were true to the truth and won ANYWAY. My heart went out to the "mislead" ones in prayer. As a believer, I truly pray that many, if not all of those underhanded souls repent. I hope you have forgiven them and that you are free in spirit.

Karen Johnson - Principal, NJ

Anonymous Teacher

RuthAnn Buchweitz - Education Specialist, Israel

Shiffra Perlmutter - Retired Educator

Anonymous School and Central Office Administrator

Philip Sheridan - Former Colleague, Retired Educator

Elizabeth Leppert - Retired Educator, Curriculum Specialist

Charlotte Nindl Wellins - Transition Team, Paterson Public Schools, Organizational Development Specialist

Marshan Mason-Gainer - Educator, H.R. Director, Community Volunteer

Gaye Johnson, MSPS - Central Office Administrator

Dr. Juanita Patience Moss - NJ Colleague, Educator, Author, Griot

Georgetta Merritt Campbell, Ed. D. - Author

Sandra Dunn Robertson - Yale Law '88

P. Jackson - Founder and Executive Director of Young Voices With New Visions

N.A Hargrett, M. Ed., M.S. - Professional School Counselor

Harriet Steele - University Professor

Joseph W. Jenkins, MBA - President Surry County African American Heritage Society of VA


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