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Executive Summary

Today, we are experiencing unprecedented failures in our public schools. Despite numerous regulatory interventions like the U.S. Department of Education’s Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) in 2010, our nation is failing academically. The 2019 National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) report card highlights significant disparities in achievement between European-Americans and African-Americans or other students of color. In Florida, new prisons are constructed based upon the number of failing 3rd graders on standardized reading tests. If we were to turn the “school-to-prison pipeline” into an “intervention-prevention-success” endeavor – at a fraction of the cost of prisons -- we could close the achievement gap and ensure a viable, global workforce worthy of worldwide competition.

We’ve all read the statistics showing the dismal learning outcomes for children in underserved, marginalized, and at-risked populations:

o   75% of African-American children are born to unwed mothers

o   Black women earn 60 cents for every $1.00 earned by their European-American male counterparts. 

o   Latest Department of Education Reading and Mathematics Scores show the gap between Black and White students has not lessened in 30 years.

o   Public Schools resemble the 1900s in segregation and opportunities based on the socioeconomic status of families.

Waverly’s Way (WW): Educational Access to the American Dream for Every 1 seeks to bridge the gap between struggling and successful students through immediate academic interventions from competent scholars who approach students’ needs holistically. The ultimate goal for students and their parents is to restore families and reclaim one community at a time by breaking the cycle of poverty, underachievement, crime and hopelessness. For teachers, it’s to rekindle in them the passion to teach in a way that creates life-long learners among their pupils, as well as affording teachers pay commensurate with their training and experience.

Teachers entered the profession to engage students in the learning process, but they have become facilitators of instruction in computer labs in order for students to pass standardized tests. Also, teachers who need extra income work outside their profession for menial pay during school breaks and summers. We are in the midst of a pandemic with uniquely devastating impacts upon our social, emotional, economic and educational well being. With limited to prohibitive engagements available outside the home, students with academic deficiencies can devote their attention to learning what they don’t know, whether through remediation or acceleration.

WW Tutors are certified teachers, retired educators and adults who possess the content knowledge students need, and WW’s flexible scheduling gives them the option to join us while maintaining fulltime employment. Tutors meet pupils online via ZOOM, sending and receiving assignments via email. Schedules can be arranged for individuals or small groups, with constant feedback among students, tutors, parents and school principals. Tutors serve students who are accelerated, gifted, average, in need of help, or who have some learning disabilities.

The curriculum is based upon state standardized test data, but the lessons follow the vision of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math), which means all teaching and learning connects academics to real-world experiences. Kids remember what matters to them, and every single student matters to Waverly’s Way!

Children bring to schools the best they have to offer, and teachers do their best to meet the needs of a diverse classroom of students. But when children need more than can be gleaned in school settings, WW is the “value added” support that provides the “win-win” for everyone – learners, teachers, parents, school administrators, and the larger community. Coming to today’s academic shores is a new wave – Waverly’s Way: Educational Access to the American Dream for Every 1!”

Dr. Ruth Baskerville, Waverly’s Way Founder and CEO

15155 West Colonial Drive, #784881, Winter Garden, FL 34787